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What is this sport called pickleball anyway?

What is pickleball anyway? The sport, according to the USA Pickleball Assn., was invented near Seattle in the 1960s when the children of several families became bored with their usual summertime activities. Their dads adapted ping-pong paddles and came up with some simple rules. The game took off and is now is played around the…

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Merry Christmas. Here's a tiny Anna Wintour for your tree

It’s easy to forget that the first Christmas tree adornments were relatively simple. Celebrants in 16th century Germany, the birthplace of the decorated evergreen, relied on apples, baked goods, candles and tin ornaments. Apparently, they were unable to track millennial influencers on Instagram or Etsy to tell them otherwise. These simple, homespun ornaments are still…

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Iran frees Chinese American scholar for U.S.-held scientist

TEHRAN —  Iran and the U.S. conducted a prisoner exchange Saturday that saw a detained Princeton scholar released for an Iranian scientist held by America, marking a rare diplomatic breakthrough between Tehran and Washington after months of tensions. In a trade conducted in Zurich, Switzerland, Iranian officials handed over Chinese American graduate student Xiyue Wang, detained…

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