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Enjoy the Early-’00s Nostalgia Wave—It Might Be the Last Revival

Earlier this month, LCD Soundsystem released one of its first proper singles in nearly seven years: “American Dream,” a shiny bit of sad-sackness that, like many of the group’s best tracks, feels both elegiac and ecstatic. “In the morning, everything’s clearer/when the sunlight exposes your age,” sings 47-year-old frontman James Murphy, as groggy synth-beats and…

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And Lo, With Russell Westbrook, Humanity Outpaced Science

Consider the gravity. Monday night, Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard whose manic, irresistible brilliance made him one of the NBA’s most divisive figures, was awarded the league’s highest individual honor: Most Valuable Player. The coronation was in some ways a fait accompli; the closest rival for the award, James Harden, could only…

By JohnValbyNation March 20, 2019 0