Author: JohnValbyNation

Enter the Dreamscape: Location-Based VR Gets a New Player

As certain ­forward-thinking magazines predicted last year (ahem), VR’s first mass-culture moment has arrived not as a device but as a destination. There’s far more immersive potential in a dedicated VR facility—with its stagecraft and high-end components—than what’s currently possible in your living room. Already, companies like The VOID and Star VR are running bespoke…

By JohnValbyNation March 20, 2019 0

Is Trump's NASA Nominee Ready to Tackle Climate Change?

Science and the people who study it have taken a pretty big beating during the first year of the Trump administration. Trump has appointed climate science skeptics and outright deniers to head the Environmental Protection Agency (Scott Pruitt), the Department of Energy (Rick Perry), and the Council on Environmental Quality (Kathleen Hartnett). Trump’s nominee to…

By JohnValbyNation March 20, 2019 0