WrestleCon Status Depends On WWE’s WrestleMania Decision

July 13, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

With no decision yet being made on WWE WrestleMania 36, there are plenty of question marks about the upcoming week in Tampa, including about WrestleCon.

The continuing rise and threat of Coronavirus is having a massive effect on the sporting world right now, with wrestling included in that. Countless events have been postponed or cancelled completely, but there has still not been an official decision made regarding the biggest wrestling event of the year; WrestleMania.

Of course, there are plenty of independent events also booked throughout WrestleMania week in Tampa, Florida, and many of their statuses are unknown as well. However, WrestleCon has provided an update for their fans in regards to the convention.

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Wrestlecon is one of the biggest events to take place during WrestleMania week, outside of WWE’s events. The show is set to play host to TNA’s revival show, as well as much more. However, the convention is very much dependent on the status of WWE WrestleMania 36.

While WrestleCon admitted that right now, they aren’t aware if they will be running, they did confirm that without WrestleMania it will certainly not take place. If the show is postponed they might run.

However, WrestleCon did confirm that if they cancel, refunds will be provided to people, but right now that won’t be happening.

We don’t know if WC is running as planned, will be postponed, or will be cancelled

No WM = No WC

WM postponed = WC may run or may still cancel

If we cancel = We Refund your $

IF we postpone = We address your needs for $.

Right now = waiting on above = not doing refunds pic.twitter.com/64dBmKc8wl

— WrestleCon (@wrestlecon) March 12, 2020

ProWrestling.com will continue to provide updates on the status of WWE WrestleMania 36 and other wrestling events as the situation surrounding Coronavirus continues to develop.