WWE Draft Results Held In Secrecy To Prevent Internet Leaks

February 10, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

With perhaps two or three exceptions, WWE officials didn’t want wrestlers knowing ahead of time in regards to whether they were going to be reassigned to a new brand or not. Many of the wrestlers thought it was disrespectful that they weren’t trusted enough to be given possibly life-changing information. The reason for the secrecy is that management didn’t want someone spreading the list of the people on the move to the big wrestling news websites before the show airs. Furthermore, WWE thinks that having surprises is good for business. It’s also become a bit of a sport because WWE sometimes goes the extra mile to prevent internet leaks from happening. Like in 2002, they hid Eric Bischoff in a limo, and he didn’t come out of it until it was time for him to make his appearance on television. All the wrestlers were held in the dark regarding him joining the company.

All of the wrestlers on the main roster were put on stand-by backstage the entire night. Until their name was called, they didn’t know if they were moving brands. Also, some of the wrestlers had little time to digest what had happened. For instance, Torrie Wilson did a backstage interview for WWE.com, and while she’s happy that she’s moving to SmackDown, she was legitimately crying on-camera because she was leaving her friends on Raw due to the move. Furthermore, Bobby Lashley hesitated a little in taking off the ECW Heavyweight Title. Although, it is assumed that he was one of the two or three wrestlers briefed ahead of time regarding his move to Raw.

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