Andrew Martin Defends Steroids; TNA 2-Hour Update, Ricky Banderas

February 10, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

— “The Punisher” Andrew Martin did a post on his MySpace page in which he defends the usage of steroids in professional wrestling. He says that they’re mostly for cosmetic reasons and compares them to a facelift or botox. However, he says that it’s wrong for athletes in other sports to use them because steroids give them a competitive edge. He also mentions TNA at the end of his post by saying, “Don’t forget to watch TNA at 9pm eastern time on spike, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how far this company has grown and will continue to do so or you could always watch the same guys I watched when I was a kid doing the same boring story lines. TNA TNA TNA????” You can read the post in its entirety at his MySpace page.

— Sources within TNA are saying that it’s just a matter of time before a new deal is sealed and an official announcement is made that TNA Impact will expand to two hours on Spike TV this fall on Thursday nights. There had been talk of moving the show to Wednesday nights, but Thursday is considered to be “a wrestling night” in Spike’s eyes. UFC programming will likely move to Wednesday nights.

— As reported several time before, international wrestler Ricky Banderas is expected to play the role of James Mitchell’s Messiah character to feud against Abyss. Banderas recently told a AAA fan website that even though Konnan quit TNA in June, there should be no conflict over his forthcoming scheduled dates with TNA. When Konnan quit, there was some concern that Banderas’s role in TNA would be in jeopardy if TNA’s relationship with AAA was strained due to Konnan’s heavy problems with TNA. Furthermore, Banderas actually gave away storyline plans in his interview with the AAA fansite. He said the plan was that he was going to debut at the August, run in during Abyss’ match, and then they’d tape a series of vignettes for TV where he was torturing him. Of course, this could all change should TNA find out that he’s giving away storylines.

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