Several TNA Wrestlers Ask For Releases, TNA Second Hour Update, More

February 9, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation


— At least half a dozen TNA wrestlers have asked to get out of their contracts. All have been turned down. Sources are saying that at least a few guys will not be resigning when their deals come up under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the guys who want out the most have contracts that don’t expire until 2009.

— There is strong talk of a second hour of TNA programming coming in September. At this point, the specifics haven’t been revealed, such as whether it would be a second show on another network or whether it would just be a second hour of Impact on Spike. There were rumors about MyNetworkTV, but those stemmed from the fact that MNTV is under the FOX umbrella and TNA was meeting with FOX.

— There will be a ten-man Gauntlet X-Division match at the TNA PPV this Sunday. Specific details haven’t come out, but it’s happening.

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