Off-Air Notes: What You Didn't See Last Night On WWE SummerSlam

February 9, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Thanks to “Triple Chaz” and for the following:

Best Match: Orton vs. Cena. Worst Match: Batista vs. Khali

I just got back from the show. I was sitting second row right in front of some rabid fans. Instead of offering the same comments on the matches , I will offer some interesting footnotes I took in from the show.

-I was watching Michael Cole and JBL when the “Cena Sucks” chants started and whenever Orton got in his offense. They were literally shocked, not by the chants but on how much the majority of the crowd ripped into Cena. At one point I saw Cole shaking his head saying “unbelievable.” I know Orton may seem like the better “wrestler,” but for the life of me I cannot understand why they hate Cena so much. I give him credit; he takes it all in and does the job, I respect his work ethic and the way he sucks up those chants and b.s. big time. I even saw Lillian Garcia shake her head in disbelief as the people in back of me were chanting “Cena must die” and when Orton had a chin lock on Cena they were chanting “break his neck.” It’s a man thing to hate Cena for some reason because they all were doing it for there own ego. Security confiscated a sign saying “Cena must die” from those same bunch of guys.

-Secondly I felt so freaken bad for Taz and Styles. Jeez, they call one match and sit there for the rest of the night staring into space. Styles really looked unhappy to me. It was really sad.

-Triple H’s parents were in the audience and Triple H blew a kiss to them after the match. He was really moved. I was at the first return also at MSG the last time Hunter was injured and there’s no comparison that the original at MSG was MUCH louder than this one. In fact, when Austin’s music hit the place was deafening .The floor actually shook. It’s funny that Austin doesn’t even need to actually wrestle, but when that glass breaks in his entrance music, damn, it does something to everyone. But I am very glad to see Triple H finally back, but Austin’s ovation was much louder.

-Jim Ross works as hard and definitely sweats as much as the wrestlers do.

-Best moments for me and I say that because the wrestling wasn’t anything to write home about

(1) Austin’s Entrance

(2) Triple H return

(3) Steven Regal’s dance to Cryme Tyme – I think I peed in my pants. He is hilarious and they should continue to use him in that capacity.

(4)Rey Mysterios Return

(5) John Cena holding up a sign that said ” IF CENA WINS, WE RIOT” in the middle of the ring. Then challenging the whole arena to riot and come to the ring. Like I said, I give the guy credit.

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