More On Brock Lesnar Negotiating With TNA Wrestling

February 9, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation


TNA Wrestling is currently in preliminary negotiations with former WWE champion Brock Lesnar.

Kurt Angle is the one who is brokering the deal and bringing the 2 sides together. Angle has a very good relationship with Lesnar and has tried several times to convince him to join TNA.

Dixie Carter has already had one meeting with Lesnar in Nashville to discuss the possibility of working together. Carter made it very clear to Lesnar that she understands Brock’s MMA involvement and would be 100% flexable to his schedule. TNA is hoping to get SpikeTV to help pay Lesnar, as they did for the massive contracts given to Kurt Angle and Sting.

Brock Lesnar actually contacted WWE early this year about a 1-time appearance at WrestleMania. He offered to job cleanly to whoever WWE wanted – but he wanted too much money and Vince McMahon was still furious about the way Lesnar left WWE 3 years ago and the back-and-forth lawsuits that followed.

If a deal is made, Lesnar is expected to start with the company this fall, when TNA iMPACT! expands to 2 hours on Thursday nights. This would be a tremendous acquisition for TNA.

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