Rey Mysterio Undergoes Successful Surgery For Torn Bicep; Full Update

February 5, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation has posted an update on Rey Mysterio who underwent successful surgery to repair his torn right bicep in San Diego, California yesterday. The surgery was performed by Dr. David Chao. Chao told the official WWE website that Mysterio is recovering well.

Chao noted that Mysterio’s torn bicep was one of the most significant that he has ever seen because it was a complete rupture of the tendon. According to WWE’s update, Mysterio did more damage to his arm by continuing to compete after suffering the original injury while working overseas in Chile on February 13th.

Expected recovery time from Mysterio’s surgery is expected to be six to nine months, however, Chao said that Rey has shown that his body recovers quickly.

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