WWE RAW Preview (6/16): Street Fight, Million Dollar Mania

February 3, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Source: WWE.com

Preview: Street Fight begins as McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania continues
June 16, 2008

On Monday night, Raw will make itself at home in Salt Lake City, as WWE Champion Triple H and John Cena continue to circle one another like junkyard dogs, spoiling for their title match at Night of Champions. This week, Cena will face Umaga in a Street Fight. Surely The Game will be watching as his Night of Champions opponent meets the Samoan Bulldozer on Raw.

Just two weeks ago, Cena defeated Jeff Hardy to become the No. 1 contender. Last week saw Triple H sweep Cena’s legs out from under him after the Chain Gang Commander’s victory over JBL. Then, in the night’s main event between The Game and Jeff Hardy, Cena interfered, causing Triple H to lose by count-out. With less than two weeks before Night of Champions, will anything keep these two fierce competitors from annihilating one another? Will Cena’s Street Fight with Umaga affect his strategy going into Night of Champions?

An appearance by Shawn Michaels on Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel quickly turned ugly when Y2J attacked The Showstopper. Their rivalry had been building for the past few weeks as Jericho alternately accused HBK of faking an injury and then encouraged him in a match against Batista. What is the purpose of the mind games that the Intercontinental Champion is playing with Michaels, and how will Michaels react to being attacked last Monday night?

Also last week, World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes suffered their second defeat in a row, this time at the hands of Umaga & Snitsky. While recovering after the match, the champs were again confronted by Raw’s newest Superstar, Ted DiBiase. The “simply priceless” DiBiase warned them that at Night of Champions, he and a partner of his choosing will prevail over the World Tag Team Champions. With the ongoing strife between Holly & Rhodes, will they be able to stand up to DiBiase and his mystery partner? And who will that partner turn out to be?

As temperatures run high on Raw, surely in the back of all the Superstars’ minds are thoughts of the impending WWE Draft. In less than two weeks, all Superstars from all brands will be eligible to be drafted to another show. Who will get selected to leave Raw and which of your favorite Superstars will begin appearing on Monday nights?

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