Team 3D's New Contracts, Bruno Crosses The Line, Konnan's Claim Thrown Out

February 2, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— For the record, Team 3D signed two-year deals with TNA, which run through September 2010. The two did an angle last Friday at a house show in Westbury, New York saying their contracts had expired and they didn’t know if they were staying in TNA or going back to being the Dudleys. They said they would make an announcement the next night at the house show in Manhattan. This was done to get some last minute ticket sales since it wasn’t sold out. The next night, they teased once again going to the “other company.” They asked the fans what they should do and they got a big response telling them to stay. They then “signed their contracts” in the middle of the ring to stay with TNA. The night before, Devon was asked where he was going and outright lied, saying they had gotten a better money offer from WWE and were going to the Raw brand.

— Former TNA star Konnan filed a trademark infringement claim on the LAX trademark against his former company, but the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas threw the case out. Konnan claimed he came up with the LAX idea.

— Last week, wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino did an interview with TNA for an upcoming DVD release on Kurt Angle, scheduled for November 25. For more information on Sammartino working with TNA, click here.

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