Former WWE Manager Paul Bearer's Wife Dianna Moody Passes Away

January 31, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Dianna Moody, wife of former WWE manager Paul Bearer, passed away in her sleep on Sunday.

The former WWE manager released a statement regarding her passing on the Gulf Coast Wrestling Message Board this evening. Here is his message:


Thank you all so much.

Many know that Dianne was a two time breast cancer survivor; however her lasting issues from the invasive chemo and radiation, and numerous other health problems took her from us.

I was blessed to have 30-years of marriage with her, and believe me, 30 years with me would make anybody a saint. The Pringle/Moody Family will never be the same as she was indeed the backbone for us all.

We appreciate all the calls, prayers, emails.

Be Blessed.
~Percy and Family