USA Network Admits Donald Trump Buying RAW Is Just A Storyline

January 29, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

On Monday’s Three-for-All RAW special, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that he sold the company’s flagship brand, RAW, to billionaire Donald Trump. Both WWE and USA issued a joint press release on Tuesday detailing the purchase and Trump’s future involvement on Monday Night RAW.

After creating some confusion among WWE investors (there was a sharp drop in WWE’s stock price on Tuesday), the USA Network issued the following statement today, clarifying the situation:

USA Network Statement Re: WWE Monday Night RAW

NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire/ — “USA Network and WWE issued a press release on June 16 that referred to Monday Night RAW’s storyline of a ‘sale’ of WWE’s RAW to Donald Trump. We intended the release to be promotional for that ongoing story arc on the series. There is no such actual ‘sale’. We apologize for any confusion.”

Characters Welcome.

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