Kurt Angle's Lawyer Defends Harassment & Drug Allegations, Claims Innocence

January 29, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Kurt Angle’s attorney, Michael Santicola, spoke to Pittsburg’s WPXI TV on Sunday and said his client is innocent of charges of all the charges brought against him following his arresst on Saturday morning, including harassing his ex-girlfriend, TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan (real name Tranesh Biggers).

According to WPXI.com, Santicola says that Biggers was upset that Angle had recently ended their relationship and there was no “corroborating evidence” that Angle had abused her or was even aware of her being at that Starbucks when Angle was accused of stalking her. Santicola claims that Briggers was trying to continue to “involve herself” in Angle’s life.

Regarding to the charge of driving with a suspended license, Santicola noted that Angle was found innocent of DUI earlier this year and that his license was valid this past Saturday, pending some paperwork.

When asked about the charges of syringes and vials of Human Growth Hormone being found in Angle’s car, Santicola told WPXI, “I have spoken with his agent, it is under prescription, multiple people use it in his industry and it is not illegal.”

Angle has a scheduled hearing in Pennsylvania on Tuesday but it will likely be rescheduled as Angle will be in Orlando, Florida taping a future episode of TNA Impact.

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