The John Report: Thoughts on Bret Hart's WWE Return

January 23, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

The news of Bret Hart signing a talent contract with WWE is catching fire all over the internet. The gist of it is he’s signed with them from January 1st through April 10, 2010, which will allow him to guest host Raw on January 4th as rumored and appear in some kind of role at WrestleMania 26. Couple of points to discuss here:

– I think WWE had the deal signed before Monday, or at least verbally had it done. They knew this was going to get out, so they had Dennis Miller drop the “Bret Hart” line and it got everybody buzzing. Nobody in WWE has confirmed it as being true, but if it wasn’t true they’d be denying it. So would Bret. It’s true. It’s not an “if” anymore. It’s happening. This backs up the rumor from the late summer that Bret was interested in doing some kind of work with WWE again. I wouldn’t be shocked if we got the official word on Monday’s Raw that he will be hosting on the 4th. It would be wise of WWE to make the announcement two weeks beforehand.

– The idea is he’ll host on January 4th, some kind of confrontation will be had with Vince McMahon and that’ll keep him around on TV for the next three months as they build to WrestleMania. I’d love to see him in a permanent GM role down the line. Maybe they’ll do that after the WM period. It’s at least something to consider.

– The next question is will he be involved in a match and if so, how? He’s apparently agreed to one match (presumably at WM). Does that mean a singles match with Vince? Does it happen maybe with a heel HHH or even Shawn Michaels? I’m not sure. I’d venture to guess that it’s with Vince and that it would be some kind of street fight because that’s really all Vince can do. Plus, I don’t expect Bret Hart to work like he did 12 years ago before he had a stroke. That’s unrealistic obviously.

– The thing about a match is when he retired he collected a handsome monetary figure from the Lloyd’s insurance company. I’m pretty sure that if he wrestled a match again he’d have to give that money back. Again, I’m not aware of the full details of it, so we’ll have to try to find more info on that one.

– How does this involve my Mr. Perfect Johnny Award winners (Most Underused), the Hart Dynasty? David Hart Smith is his nephew, Natalya is his niece and Tyson Kidd (TJ Wilson) practically grew up with the family. He lived nearby in Calgary and trained to wrestle with the family. I hope this elevates that trio. If it led to a six man tag with the Hart Dynasty as faces with Bret against Vince plus a heel duo like CM Punk and Luke Gallows for example it would work well.

– It’s cool that they’ve agreed to release a Hart Foundation collectors DVD too. They were one of my favorite teams growing up.

– On a personal note, I’m so excited for this. Shawn Michaels is my favorite ever, but I love Bret Hart too and the way his WWF career ended was sad. He was so big for the popularity of wrestling in Canada. I fully believe that without Bret Hart’s presence and his carrying of the Canadian flag on a national scale that pro wrestling wouldn’t be as popular as it is. He was huge for the business growing in this country. I am now seriously considering flying to Phoenix (I live near Toronto) for WrestleMania weekend and then heading to Vegas after. Smackdown’s there on Tuesday after Mania, but I’d rather have a debauchery filled time in Vegas. Still, being at Bret’s WrestleMania return would be huge, not to mention the presumed Undertaker/Michaels rematch.

– Regarding the January 4th Raw, it’s still two hours. If it goes to three hours it would be the decision of USA Network, not WWE. At this point they haven’t changed it.

Here’s a link to my original blog post about the news getting out.

I’ll be reposting my review of Survivor Series 1997 on my blog late tonight. I wrote it earlier this year. Covers a lot about what happened on that memorable day.

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