The Original Report On Tara Leaving TNA, Taylor Wilde Update, ODB On Twitter

January 22, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

— As reported earlier, Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) announced her impending departure from TNA Wrestling today. Her contract is set to expire and both sides have been unable to reach an agreement on a contract renewal. For those curious, here is the original report – posted on – which caused her to instantly react with a strongly worded MySpace blog:

“Tara may be gone from TNA in a few weeks. Her contract expires at the end of May and she wants a raise as well as more time off to focus on her customs shop. The odds of her re-signing at this point are said to be slim. She has rubbed a number of people the wrong way by complaining about the others Knockouts working stiff. She also brings up WWE all the time when talking about the way things should be done in her opinion. He in ring work has been questioned as well. Some feel that she’s not even trying most of the time.”

This week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer echoed a similar report, though it added that there have been “issues” between her and some of the other women. One internal person said she’s made her feelings clear about some of them – it’s not positive.

— Regarding Taylor Wilde’s current status with TNA, when asked on Twitter why she nor tag team partner Sarita have been featured on television as of late, she responded with the following: “Ask TNA darlin’! I wish I had answers to that question.”

As reported earlier, Wilde’s contract with the organization is set to expire soon and there is a good chance it will not be renewed.

— The one and only ODB has joined Twitter. You can find her account here.

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