Verstappen ‘very laid back’ about catching COVID

January 15, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Max Verstappen is taking the necessary precautions to protect himself against COVID-19, but the Dutchman insists he isn’t unduly worried about contracting the coronavirus.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc announced on Thursday that he was self-isolating at home after testing positive for COVID-19, the Monegasque becoming the fifth F1 driver to contract COVID-19 after Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, Lewis Hamilton and more recently Lando Norris.

Verstappen, who rang in the New Year in Brazil with friends and girlfriend Kelly Piquet, is back in lockdown in Europe, but the 23-year-old admits his daily life is only slightly disrupted by the restrictions while he doesn’t fear the pandemic.


“I do a lot anyway online and I have a lot of fun still. I still had a good year,” the Red Bull driver told the media.

“My friends also got tested a lot and if it happens [catching Covid-19] it happens. I think the younger guys, we seem to cope with it a bit better and it’s not like I’m looking for Covid but I’m very laid back.

“Of course, you look after yourself and you are careful, but you can’t control everything in life.

“I saw my family a little bit less but, again, there is FaceTime. There is a lot of technology so you still talk to them and for me, it was no problem at all.”

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As an avid gamer and online racer, Verstappen has no boredom issues to contend with during the off-season but admits that those who don’t indulge in sim racing or computer games and prefer the outdoors are likely a lot more restless.

“It also depends on what your interests are,” he added.

“If you’re a guy who really loves the outside all the time and loves to meet people every day then, of course, the lockdown is very tough.

“I think I am very happy to just be at home and just really chill out because we are travelling so much. So, for me, actually the lockdown wasn’t that bad.

“I loved being at home for once for so long. You actually discover your apartment a bit more!”

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