'Sycho' Sid's WWE Return Sparks Argument Between Reby Sky and Tammy Sytch

January 8, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

Monday’s Raw SuperShow saw “Sycho” Sid Vicious make his much anticipated return to WWE after a fifteen year hiatus as he dismantled Heath Slater. Though many people were happy to see the “Master and Ruler of the World” resurface on national television, Reby Sky was not among them. The female grappler feels he doesn’t deserve the spotlight after no-showing multiple independent events in the past year.

“That piece of sh*t Sid no-shows almost EVERY show in the last yr but prances onto Raw. Please tell us again how much u LOVE “the business,” she wrote on Twitter after seeing him appear on television. “Guess he managed not to “lose his wallet” this time. Sad thing is, now that he got 10 more mins of fame he’ll get more bookings to NO-SHOW.”

Sky continued, “F*CK people like that. You f*ck with peoples’ time, money & professional integrity because you’re too much of a douche to keep your word.

“I’m all for hustlin, but BLACKMAILING promotors into giving you more $ after threatening not to show then STILL not showing after they do…

“Makes me sick. .”

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch took exception to Sky’s statement, remarking on Twitter, “WOW! Just read something about Reby Sky, who is only known for being Matt Hardy’s girlfriend going off about my good friend Sid Vicious…Like she has room to talk? Who is she? NO ONE! And she was completely disrespectful to the locker room at a show I was on with her… OOOHH just WAIT til I see her again..sh*t’s gonna fly!”

She continued, “One thing I’ve always stood by, you always show respect for those who have seniority in this business.. she’s too dumb and ignorant to know that.

“I was raised Old-school by the right people, and she deserves an Old school ass whipping…. she disrespected me and the entire locker room on the show I was on with Matt… I’ll never say I was on a show with HER. Matt and I have been friends for years….I’m surprised she hasn’t learned a little bit.”

Sytch also addressed Sid’s history of no-showing events, writing, “Regardless if he no-shows or not, someone like her has no right to disrespect someone like him! Sid likes to play his softball…everyone knows it.”

Shannon Moore, a friend of Matt Hardy’s, weighed in on the matter as he tweeted to Sytch, “Sid is great. He worked with 3 Count in WCW and worked hard. If you have been in the biz for 3 min your opinion don’t fn count. Thanks Sid!! Why do people that have done nothing in the biz want to trash legends. Karma is a b—h. Shut up if you trying to actually make it! @WWEHOFerSunny You proved your point and made a big impact for the chicks. They have no clue what being a Pro is.”

Vicious also reached out to Sytch to thank her for her support, tweeting, “@WWEHOFerSunny Do not worry about her. Not worth out time. Thank you though. Thank you and I understand. Doesn’t matter what people say though. I loved being on RAW. Bottom line.”

Sky responded to Sytch’s remarks via Facebook, writing, “So the fact that I don’t agree with how someone conducts themselves professionally gives another a right to threaten me ? Everyone has a “Sunny story”, but no one can ever say I’m anything but professional & respectful to everyone I’ve ever worked with / beside … unless they’re mad. YOU MAD ?

“In any case, I believe I owe you a thank you, Sunny, as I was recently offered a movie role that was written for you – but since you were too unreliable – was passed on to me. Perhaps if you weren’t more concerned with doing things that landed you in H*zelden that would have never happened, but I guess reliability isn’t a priority for you. Or Sid.

“It’s a small world, and if you’re that anxious to see me again I’m sure there are plenty out there who would be more than happy to arrange that. If you can manage to show up, that is.”

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