Kurt Angle Rants About Man Who Allegedly Scammed Him Out Of $35,000

January 6, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

TNA star Kurt Angle went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday night accusing somebody named Wafi Wahidi of scamming him out of nearly $35,000 after Angle hired him to create a mobile app for his Angle Foods company. Angle tweeted last night:

“Please Listen. Wafi Wahidi and WabaSocial Scammed Me for $34,700. He Scammed Me. I don’t want to hurt Him. I Only Want My $ Back. Wafi Wahidi was supposed to Make a fitness Apps. He Didn’t. I Spent $35k to Do It. Wafi failed by Oct24. I’m Suing this scumbag. I’m suing WabaSocial or Weave Social. Wafi Wahidi Changed the Co. Name. He is from Cali and Moved to Denver. He’s a crook. I lost Alot Of $ from this Person. My Attorney Has Civil and Criminal Charges Against Him.”Thank You to All My friends for Your Support. I Want to Make Sure It Never Happens to anyone Else. His Name is Wafiullah Wahidi. Thanks to All My friends for Your Support. Love You. GOD Bless.”

This morning, Angle continued his rant:

“Watch Out for Scam Artists Like @WafiWahidi and WabaSocial. He pretended to Make a fitness App and Stole $35,000 from Me. I’m Suing Him! I Even Lent @wafiwahidi $ because He had trouble making a living and He Scammed Me Out Of that $ too. Don’t trust lowlifes. By the Way, @wafiwahidi Said that all My twitter friends are Rednecks that Are Useless to Him. I Actually Kept the text. #scamartist”

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