Big Update On WWE Business Expansion Plans, "Total Divas" News

January 1, 2021 0 By JohnValbyNation

-There has been a lot of talk within WWE about their long-term future internationally. A few years ago, it was the idea of those in WWE that domestic business would cap-off at a certain point, and that the focus should be expanding into international markets, setting up a television presence in those markets, and then taking live events to the markets once or twice a year.

However, after operating this way for several years, the idea that business would end up 50 percent domestic and 50 percent international has not turned out as planned. If anything, the domestic numbers have been increasing.

WWE has privately questioned where the next boom market will be after failing to truly expand in Italy, Mexico, Spain, France and to a lesser extent, Germany and Turkey. Australia and the UK are two international markets that WWE feels will always be strong, however WWE is trying to focus on the rest of Europe and Asia.

-According to reports, the two new Divas hired by WWE for the E! reality show “Total Divas,” Jo-Jo Offerman and Eva Marie, are apparently awful in-ring workers.

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[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]