TNA Receives Cash Advance from a Mystery Donor to Fund 'Bound for Glory'

December 5, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

— According to an article in the NY Post, Impact Ventures – the parent company of TNA Wrestling – secured financing from an unnamed source in order to continue ahead for this weekend’s Bound for Glory PPV.

— The article also states that TNA Wrestling spent much of the week negotiating with Billy Corgan and WWE but got the actual advance from neither of those parties. However, both Corgan and WWE will continue negotiations to take ownership of TNA Wrestling next week after the PPV is over.

— If WWE ends up purchasing their rival, they are expected to only have interest in the video library and would probably shut down TNA but if Corgan comes out on top, TNA would likely continue as an independent competitor.

— Corgan himself didn’t seem to have much information, only saying that as far as he’s been told “it’s a go”, whereas WWE has declined any comment, as expected.