WWE 205 Live Results (5/14): London, England

November 18, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The May 14th, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at the 02 arena in Center in London, England.

General manager Drake Maverick introduces this week as a special edition of 205 Live from London, England. He runs down the evening’s card, which includes Humberto Carrillo James Drake, Jack Gallgher, and Mark Andrews facing off in a Fatal-Four way matchup. Then in the main event…cruiserweight champion Tony Nese against NXT U.K.’s Ligero in a non-title bout.

205 intro song.

Byron Saxton, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Gentlemen Jack Gallagher is out first for the opening contest. Mark Andrews is next, followed by James Drake and Humberto Carrillo.

Jack Gallagher versus Mark Andrews versus James Drake versus Humberto Carrillo

Drake rolls to the outside and lets Andrews, Gallagher, and Carrillo go at it. Carrillo applies a headlock on Andrews, who then applies one onto Gallagher. Action picks up with dueling dropkicks from Carrillo and Andrews…Gallagher responds with a running uppercut. Eventually Drake gets involved and goes after Andrews, who takes him out with an enziguri. Carrillo with a springboard crossbody onto Gallagher. On the apron…Andrews goes for a springboard maneuver but gets pulled out by Drake. He drops Andrews right onto the apron face first. Carrillo and Drake go at it now…spinning heel kick by Drake. Early cover…two count. Drake stomps down Carrillo in the corner. Gallagher attempts to come back into the ring…Drake knocks him out with a forearm. Back to Carrillo…snap suplex and chinlock in succession.

Gallagher back on the apron…he brawls with Drake but loses the exchange and gets knocked back to the outside. Carrillo takes advantage and hits Drake with a twisting enziguri sending Drake to ringside. Carrillo off the ropes…tope con hilo. When Carrillo gets back to his feet he’s surprised by Andrews who nails him with an enziguri. Drake tries to slam Andrews but Andrews counters with a DDT. Gallagher grabs his old umbrella and climbs to the top…he takes out the lot with a Mary Poppins dive! He throws Andrews back in for a pinfall…he kicks out. Stalling suplex from Gallagher…he holds it for at least 30 seconds. Gallagher back to the top…Drake meets him up there…so does Andrews…poison frankensteiner by Andrews to Drake! Gallagher follows with a diving headbutt. Carrillo next…splash with pin! Gallagher breaks it up.

Carrillo, Andrews, and Gallagher brawl in the center. Carrillo goes for a suplex onto Andrews…he turns it into a stunner! Andrews with a double-pele kick…Gallagher with a running headbutt taking out Andrews! Carrillo rolls up a dazed Gallagher! Got em!

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

After Carrillo celebrates, he offers Jack Gallagher a handshake. Hesitant at first…Gallagher shakes and leaves to allow Carrillo to celebrate.

Promo from Ariya Daivari…he’s laying in a tan bed. Daivari says that he’s inside of Nese’s head, and that he’ll be relaxing until Sunday so he’ll be fresh for his title match at Money in the Bank, then pokes fun at Nese for flying to London for a match and waisting his energy.

The champion Tony Nese is interviewed. He’s asked if facing Ligero tonight is a smart idea ahead of his title match with Daivari on Sunday. Nese says that he is proud to carry on the tradition of facing the best competition there is, and looks forward to teaching Ligero exactly how he became the top man in the division.

A highlight package is played showcasing Ligero. Clips include a narration from Ligero spliced together with clips of his performance in NXT U.K.

Preview for NXT. KUSHIDA is back in action.

A video from the Lucha House Party. They accept the Singh Brother’s challenge, and will face them next week in tag-action. Commentary confirms it. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will be competing.

Main event time. Ligero is on his way to the ring first. The champ is out second. They shake hands out of respect before they start.

Ligero versus Tony Nese non-title bout

Tie-up. Nese with a waistlock. Ligero grabs the wrist but the champ takes him down with an arm-drag. Ligero right back to his feet…Nese applies the hammerlock….he forces Ligero into the turnbuckles…ref breaks the hold. Both men off the ropes…Ligero drops down…roll-up! Fun sequence where Nese and Ligero trade a series of pinfalls. They shake hands, then shake the ref’s hand for making so many counts. Action picks up with Nese trapping Ligero in a series of cradles and roll-ups. Ligero fires back with a frankensteiner. He lands the first big strike by chopping Nese in the chest. Nese takes back control with his signature kip-up combo. To the outside…Nese goes for a superkick…Ligero cuts him off with a running elbow. Up on the apron…Ligero hits a headscissor onto Nese. He goes back into the ring and sets up for a suicide dive…Nese meets him in the ring with a big forearm. Bodyscissor from Nese and the pace slows down.

Nese drops Ligero with a big right hand. He goes for the running Nese…Ligero surprises him with another roll-up! Nese powers out, then picks up Ligero and executes a backbreaker. Bodyscissor back on. Ligero uses his weight for a pinfall but Nese regains position. Finally he breaks the hold…flurry of strikes from Ligero ending with a spinning back kick. He picks Nese up in a firemans carry….widowmaker lands. Huge kick to Nese’s gut. Both men on their feet…Nese connects with another combo. Ligero falls into the corner…running elbow by Nese. He goes for a springboard moonsault…Ligero moves…he goes to the apron…springboard splash connects! Cover…Nese gets a shoulder up. Ligero goes for a springboard DDT…Nese dodges…Ligero sends him to the outside. Tope con hilo from Ligero.

Back in the ring Ligero climbs…Nese meets him with a jumping palm strike and a top rope frankensteiner. Nese climbs now…Ligero tries a superplex but the champ pushes him down. 450 splash hits by Nese. Ligero won’t stay down for the count. Nese can’t believe it. He tries to German Ligero into the corner…he breaks out…roll-up! Superkick! Ligero goes for the DDT again…Nese rolls him up and powerbombs him into the turnbuckles. Running Nese…he hits it! That’ll do it.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

After the match Ariya Daivari comes out of nowhere and attacks Ligero! Nese tries to fight him off but Daivari gets the better of him. He sets him up…hammerlock lariat. Nese is out! Daivari picks up the title and drapes it over Nese’s body.

That’s the show friends.

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