Ignoring Businesses, Baltimore Shuts Off Water to 1,600 Homes

October 10, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Despite the millions owed by commercial properties in overdue water payments, the city of Baltimore has strictly targeted its residents and in the past 6 weeks has shut off the water supply to more than 1,600 households, reporting reveals.

According to an investigation by the Baltimore Sun, since the Department of Public Works began shutting off the water supplies in April, to customers with outstanding bills, enforcement has been “starkly uneven.”

“While large commercial properties owe the biggest amounts, not one has been shut off,” the Sun reported on Friday. “All of the service cuts so far have been to homes.”

City records show that of the $40 million owed to the city, commercial accounts including businesses, government offices and nonprofits comprise roughly $15 million in unpaid water bills.