In Typical 'Police State' Response, Cops Show Up With Guns Drawn After Friends Worried Chelsea Manning Was Near Suicide

September 19, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Security footage filmed in U.S. military whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s apartment last week shows that police responded to calls about Manning’s well-being after she posted two tweets that alluded to a planned suicide attempt, by breaking into her home with their guns drawn.

The video encapsulates the U.S. criminal justice system’s inappropriate and often dangerous approach to Americans experiencing mental health crises, mental health experts told the Intercept, which obtained the footage.


The Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland confirmed with The Intercept that “concerned parties” had called about Manning’s safety on May 27 after she posted the troubling tweets, prompting police to conduct a “welfare check.”

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The video shows three officers holding their guns up, while another points a taser.