Thousands Sign Petition to #BanBannon from UK Amid Former Trump Aide's Push to Spread Far-Right Extremism in Europe

September 18, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

In just three days, a petition in the United Kingdom aimed at keeping right-wing operative and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon from entering the country has gathered more than half the signatures it needs in order for the government to issue a formal response.

“Steve Bannon is a far-right political figure who poses a direct risk to the security of the U.K.,” reads the petition started by a British citizen named Bruce Johnston. “He should not be allowed to enter the UK to spread messages of hate.”

After publishing the notice on British Parliament’s website on Friday, Johnston had already gathered more than 6,700 signatures as of Monday afternoon.

After 10,000 people sign on, the government will be required to respond. Parliament will consider the motion for debate once 100,000 Britons pledge their support for the petition.

Bannon “is dangerous and really shouldn’t be in the country,” Johnston told Bloomberg News. “We need to get to the stage where we protect our democracy.”