Racist President at It Again: Trump Claims Kneeling NFL Players 'Unable to Define' What They're Protesting

September 18, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Despite the fact that NFL players have been extremely clear that their pre-game National Anthem demonstrations—which have included kneeling, locked arms, and raised fists—are aimed at calling attention to America’s appalling levels of systemic racism and police brutality, President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets on Friday accusing the athletes of being “unable to define” what they’re protesting and warned that they will be “suspended without pay” if they continue to kneel.

“The NFL players are at it again—taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem,” Trump wrote. “Find another way to protest.”

Trump’s latest NFL Twitter tirade came after several players from the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles kneeled or raised their fists ahead of their teams’ Thursday night preseason match-ups.

In a tweet ahead of Thursday’s game, Malcolm Jenkins—an Eagles player who raised his fist during the anthem—highlighted the disproportionate effect mass incarceration has on minorities, writing, “Before we enjoy this game let’s take some time to ponder that more than 60 percent of the prison population are people of color.”