Interesting WWE Survey Released, News on Jinder Mahal’s Promo

July 30, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

WWE has sent out some rather noteworthy surveys to fans in the past, and they have continued to do so with their latest survey. Dave Scherer noted that he received the survey today, and some of the ideas listed in the survey could be interesting as the weeks go on. They asked if fans would be interested in seeing ECW or some other TV-14 program return on the WWE Network. They also asked if fans want to see live events, GFW shows, or Ring of Honor broadcast on the network as well. Once again, they also asked if independent promotions such as ICW or PROGRESS should come to the network. These are merely ideas and do not suggest that WWE will actually be going through with any of them. The following ideas were also suggested:
-Season 2 of WWE Legends House.
-A reality series featuring contestants trying to win a job with WWE, similar to Tough Enough

-Tournaments such as WWE vs. NXT, lucha libre, tag teams, regional tournaments, or a King/Queen of the Ring tournament.
-Shows showing of the homes of WWE Superstars
-A series detailing life on the road for a WWE Superstar.
-A new series featuring the training for a WWE Superstar

-Events from unique locations.
-Director’s Cut: A legend and a current superstar narrate certain WWE events or matches.
-Roasts for WWE Superstars

-A new WWE series similar to “The Office.”
-Southpaw Regional Wrestling
-Podcasts, music, call-in shows, and more audio.
-A drama series “inspired by wrestling’s colorful and rich history”, similar to Game of Thrones.
Last night’s Smackdown show featured a segment that saw Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers make fun of Mahal’s rival Shinsuke Nakamura. The promo proved to be very controversial as fans have called the promo tasteless. The segment featured Jinder making fun of Nakamura for being Japanese, and he threw out some questionable phrases such as referring to Shinsuke as Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies, and saying that “you always rook the same.” The promo received chants of “that’s too far” from the crowd in attendance, and it appears that WWE has listened to the fans. The segment is not included in any of WWE’s usual highlight videos of last night’s show, nor have they uploaded the segment to their YouTube channel.

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