Why WWE Televised SmackDown Live in Kentucky Only After 6 Years

July 28, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The last time WWE televised SmackDown Live in Kentucky was 6 years ago. The Lane Report wrote a story about WWE returning to the Rupp Arena for SmackDown Live nearly after six years. According to the lane report, WWE wouldn’t host live televised matches in the state because of “the cut rule”, which would force a wrestler to leave a match if they bled. That rule and nearly 40 percent of the state’s combat sports regulations were repealed in 2016.
“It’s great to have WWE back in Kentucky for another live televised show,” said Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission (KBWC) Chairman Chad Miller. “More shows translate to more dollars for local economies, and the Commission is thrilled that our efforts are paying off for our wrestling fans, athletes, local businesses, and the combat sports industry in Kentucky.”
You can read the full story of The Lane Report here.