Rey Mysterio talks Sunday's match with Myzteziz, and stem cell treatments

July 24, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Rey Mysterio was a guest on The LAW this past week, promoting TripleMania, his departure from the WWE, Antonio Pena and more topics at 

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Pollock: It’s headlined by yourself & Myzteziz.  Now the term “dream match” is often thrown out there quite a lot.  For anyone who has any concept of the history of Lucha Libre over the past 20 years you are 2 of the definitive stars.  For the 2 of you this always seemed like a huge, logical match in WWE.  

Mysterio: I definitely think this is something that not only we wanted but the fans demanded.  I think it will define our legacy.  We both have similarities in our styles, in our outfit…  Over the years he has spoke highly about how he has admired my career for so long.  I saw him wrestle in Mexico & many times on TV & he was the future of Mexican wrestling at the time.  It’s definitely a dream match – without a doubt.  I know we’re gonna go out there & put everything on the line & give the fans exactly what they deserve.  

Pollock: How is Rey Mysterio’s health today now in 2015?

Mysterio: It’s incredible.  I’ve had a lot of time to heal up & my body is actually thanking me now for getting that opportunity to rest – to strengthen up my quads from all the damage over the years on my left knee.  My right knee  – thank God, knock on wood –  it’s in great condition.  Now I’ve just gotta stay in shape & keep doing what I love but on my own terms – not like in the early 30’s. 

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Pollock: You’ve spoken about the stem cell treatment that you’ve got on your left knee.  Who introduced you to that & has it been the ultimate game-changer for your knee? 

Mysterio:  The person who introduced me to that was former WWE wrestler Charlie Haas who’s a great friend of mine.  He introduced me to this doctor who was doing the treatment at the time and I said I was willing to try anything to see if there’s any improvement on my knee whatsoever and sure enough it did help.  It was temporary but – again – this is one of those treatments that you have to constantly be on top of it – at least 2 or 3 times a year. (Transcribed by Joseph Bernard)    

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