WWE Total Divas TV episode 4 report

July 23, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

By Ryan Pike

Nattie Can’t Say No To People

Nattie keeps agreeing to do people favours and it’s making TJ made. This week, she agrees to board 19 cats from an animal shelter at their home – and has to pawn the task off on her parents because she and TJ are gonna be on the road. She also agrees to let Adam Rose, Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater ride with them when their car breaks down, which turns into a disaster due to Titus being flatulent and loud, and Heath taking them to a strip club for dinner. TJ tells Nattie she has to say no sometimes, and she resolves to do so.

Paige and Alicia

Paige and Alicia are supposed to move in together, but then Paige decides to move in with her new boyfriend instead. Alicia gets mad at Paige for bailing on her, and Paige gets mad at Alicia for getting mad at her about it. They talk it out and Alicia admits she may have been a tiny bit jealous of Paige having success in her relationships.

Nikki and Bryan

Nikki thinks Bryan doesn’t like her because he keeps teasing her. She and Brie talk it out, then put Bryan on speakerphone while they’re driving. Bryan says he loves Nikki and she’s family, but there are many things he doesn’t like about her – including how materialistic she is compared to how Bryan is nothing like that. Bryan says his teasing is how he shows affection, but he says he won’t do it anymore if it bothers her.

CenaWatch Update

John Cena is mentioned but doesn’t appear, but the teaser for next week indicates that he will appear this season!