WWE July 11 Pittsburgh house show results: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens street fight

July 23, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Submitted by Andy Stowell

– Tony Chimmel was the announcer. How great is he? Bet he’s had a longer run than Howard Finkel.

– Neville beat Dallas with the Red Arrow

– WWE Tag Team Champions Prime Time Players beat New Day

Titus got the pin. Titus is the most underrated guy in the company.

– Mark Henry killed R Truth

Truths entrance rap was real over.

– Chris Jericho beat Luke Harper

Y2J out for a Highlight Reel. Just an extended promo before Luke Harper came out. Jericho wins with the code breaker.

They did the video for the Warrior Award and Conners Cure. His family was sitting ringside and getting a lot of attention, especially from the Divas. That video kills me every time.

– Divas Champion Nikki Bella retained in a three way over Paige and Naomi

Naomi got pinned.

– IC Champion Ryback beat Big Show

– U.S. Champion John Cena beat Kevin Owens in a street fight

wens got a huge reaction. He cut a promo that the Pittsburgh Penguins were his favorite hockey team and he was excited to wrestle in their building. But was sad because the city was garbage–said hey it’s you’re city, you make it garbage. Cena out to more jeers than boos. He did a clever promo urging the kids to cheer because it was a Saturday night after their bedtime and they could scream as much as they want.

Really great match. They used chairs,tables, the ring steps, a metal barrier, and some suplexes on the stage. About 3/4 of the way thru, when Owens was getting the offense, he did a really clever deal where he grabbed the mic, and told Cena it was just time to give up. Just like all these people, time to give up. Cena won shortly thereafter putting Owens thru a table with the Attitude Adjustment for the pin.
– Return date is Monday Nov 30.