Improved ASICS/Las Vegas Open Wrestling Championships offers something for everybody, April 16-19

July 23, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The ASICS Las Vegas/Open Wrestling Championships will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16-19. This popular USA Wrestling event has been revamped and improved, making it a “can’t-miss” event for the entire wrestling community. There is still time to make plans to attend this wrestling extravaganza.

New name to reflect positive change
As part of this upgrade of the competition, the title of the event has been changed, placing all of the tournaments under one name, the “Open Wrestling Championships.” This change reflects that the competition will now cover all aspects of the sport, making it more accessible to a much larger audience.

More events, in all styles and ages
In past years, “The Open” has included a variety of different tournaments. Organizers have decided to offer competitions for the full spectrum of the wrestling family, embracing all ages and styles in one spectacular event. There will be 28 mats available during the four days of competition, featuring the following competitions:

  • Kids (Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Folkstyle)
  • Cadets (Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Folkstyle)
  • Western Juniors Regionals/Boys and Girls (Freestyle & Greco-Roman)
  • FILA Junior Nationals (Freestyle & Greco-Roman)
  • Seniors National Championships (Freestyle & Greco-Roman)
  • Veterans National Championships (Freestyle & Greco-Roman)

The new Kids and Cadet divisions have already attracted substantial interest, with wrestlers from 22 states already registered. Even better, there is still room for more wrestlers in all divisions. If you want a great competition, regardless of your age, the ASICS Las Vegas/Open Wrestling Championships must be on your schedule.

New championship arena – the Golden Circle
Every final match, in every style and in every division will be contested on raised mats in the center of a custom-built two-mat wrestling arena, called “the Golden Circle.” These two raised mats will have its own arena seating for fans, offering a great view of the finals. It will also provide an amazing showcase for the skills of every finalist at every level. Fans will be able to enjoy the most important matches in all of the tournaments, from the youngest Kid wrestler to the Olympic-hopefuls to the oldest Veterans.

Senior Open format change to one finals
There is a substantial change in the format of the Senior Open. Instead of holding one-day tournaments on the Senior level, all three of the Olympic styles will be contested over two days. On Friday, April 18, the Senior tournaments will run through a showcased semifinals in all weight classes, starting at approximately 6:00 p.m. On Saturday, April 19, all of the Senior weight classes will be completed, with the championship finals in all 24 weight classes contested on two raised mats in the Golden Circle, starting at approximately 7:00 p.m. For the first time in many years, there will be one “Championship Night,” with all of the nation’s best wrestlers in competition at the same session.

Improved event presentation
A positive improvement that came from the 2013 Keep Olympic Wrestling effort was the importance of improved event presentation at the arena. USA Wrestling has made a firm commitment to make its major events presented in a more fun, exciting and fan-friendly way, using cutting-edge techniques to enhance the show. This concept will also provide the opportunity to build and improve the fan base leading up to the 2015 World Championships at the Orleans Hotel & Arena in Las Vegas. In addition, the new rules of international wrestling have improved drastically, with much more action and scoring in freestyle and Greco-Roman, adding to the quality of the presentation.

LIVE TV coverage of Senior Open division semifinals and finals
As part of USA Wrestling’s historic television deal with Universal Sports Network, for the first time, the Senior Open will have LIVE national television coverage for both the semifinal and finals rounds. On Friday, April 18, the LIVE semifinals show will start at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. On Saturday, April 19, coverage of the Senior championship finals will start at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The broadcast crew for the LIVE coverage will include talented announcers Van Stokes, Jake Herbert, Nick Garrone and Jason Bryant.

Improved joint LIVE webcast with Flowrestling
In 2013, USA Wrestling partnered with Flowrestling to present the Open Wrestling Championships LIVE through Flowrestling’s premium service, Flo Pro. This successful partnership has continued in 2014. With the expansion of the size and scope of the competition, the live webcast will include many more matches and more great coverage. In the second year of this partnership, the quality of the broadcast will also continue to improve.

Stronger local support and involvement
The event will be produced by USA Wrestling, along with the Las Vegas Sports Committee (LVSC), Las Vegas Events (LVE) and USA Wrestling of Southern Nevada (USAWSN). Funds from the event will remain in Las Vegas to help build wrestling at all levels. This will truly be a team effort, combining the resources of the national wrestling community and the local sports community for the benefit of the sport.

“Las Vegas and Southern Nevada is excited to provide the backdrop for this monstrous event, it is a privilege to host and share our town with the wrestling world,” said Robert Cate, Vice President and Events Director for USA Wrestling of Southern Nevada, “I can’t imagine the excitement of young wrestlers when they realize that they are wrestling on the same mats as their heroes.”

More athlete appearances and autograph signings
Because of the importance of the ASICS/Las Vegas Open Wrestling Championships, many of the greatest athletes in American wrestling history will be there. USA Wrestling will expand the number of athlete appearance and autograph sessions at this event, allowing young athletes and fans more opportunity to meet wrestling heroes.

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Below are the links for the websites for the competitions at the ASICS/Las Vegas Open Wrestling Championships:

Senior Open
Western Junior Regionals, boys and girls
Veterans Nationals
FILA Junior Nationals
Las Vegas Open Kids/Cadet

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