What Motivated Io Shirai to Go to WWE, Callihan Calls Out Jericho

July 22, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

World Wonder Ring Stardom has lost some major talent recently, including current NXT Superstar Kairi Sane. It had been reported last year that WWE had managed to work out deals that would have seen both Kairi Sane and famous Japanese competitor Io Shirai move to the United States and officially start working on the NXT brand. Sane won the Mae Young Classic tournament last year and is currently competing on NXT, but Shirai’s planned Mae Young Classic appearance and WWE contract offer were both rescinded over a reported issue that came up during her physical examinations with the company. However, Shirai’s chance to compete in WWE may not be finished after all.
As previously reported throughout the week, Tokyo Sports claimed that Shirai would be leaving Stardom soon, which Shirai herself later confirmed. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has since provided a few updates on how Io Shirai’s return to WWE came about. According to Meltzer, Shirai attended a WWE live event in Tokyo’s Sumo Hall last summer and saw a video featuring Kairi Sane. Upon watching the video, Shirai was hit very hard emotionally and reportedly refocused on doing whatever it took to prove that she should be hired by WWE. The video that supposedly motivated Shirai to continue attempting to get noticed by WWE is posted down below:

Impact Wrestling’s Sami Callihan has managed to portray himself as one of the most controversial and disliked figures in the industry. Between his brutal attack on Eddie Edwards this year and his nonchalant response on the matter, Callihan has certainly gotten himself a lot of attention this year. A surprising new development has just begun to form as Callihan is now calling out Chris Jericho and Ring of Honor. The video seems to indicate that Callihan may be appearing on Jericho’s upcoming wrestling and music-themed cruise later on this year. Jericho tweeted a response Callihan’s statements, which means that Sami has definitely captured the attention of the pro wrestling veteran.

EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: We caught up with @TheSamiCallihan outside of our Windsor tapings, and he wasn’t happy. He had some extremely inflammatory comments about @IAmJericho, @ringofhonor and the @Jericho_Cruise. pic.twitter.com/o1OhS3jDCc

Hmmm …now this is interesting. @TheSamiCallihan @ringofhonor @jericho_cruise @IMPACTWRESTLING https://t.co/E0SvSrEauB
— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) June 2, 2018

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