WWE New Delhi, India live event results: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show, several Indian talents work against Gable & Jordan

July 21, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Submitted by Fazal Ahmad

Bray Wyatt def. Kane

Enormous pop for both of them afteward despite the match being a little sloppy.

WWE Tag Team Champions New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) def. the Usos and Prime Time Players in a three-way to retain

Most entertaining bout of the night and cloud cheered and laughed alot. Usos did a suicide dive as well. Kofi interfered to help for the win. They all get beat down by the faces after the match. “New Day sucks” chants throughout, but the crowd loved their antics.

Love Preet def. Jason Jordan

Jason cut a heel promo about India not having talented wrestlers during the morning tryouts, but was defeated by the Indian wrestler eventually who got the crowd roaring with “Jai Hind” chants.

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte def. Summer Rae to retain

People loved Summer and crowd was completely supporting her, chanting her name since she was babyface. She used her old aggressive NXT moveset including diving cross bodies. Woos for Charlotte, though she got boo’ed for using a dirty moveset. She won with the figure 8. Physical match. Lots of “We Want Sasha” chants.

Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze

Tyler’s selfie video was not live and he didn’t get that much a reaction, but “you look stupid”: chants. Crowd erupted for Ziggler. Physical and long match with Ziggler dominating and making fun of Breeze’s narcissism throughout. Crowd loved it. “This is awesome” chants.

Rusev def. Ryback

Huge pops for both the wrestlers. Very physical match. Crowd not to Happy that Ryback lost but he got them cheering once more when he thanked them by saying, “Namaste“.

D. Raftar def Chad Gable

Gable was seeking redemption for Jordan but got squashed. Raftar was slightly stiff but was very over with the Indian crowd. Few local Haryanwi, Punjabi and Hindi sentences to end the segment.

WWE Champion Roman Reigns def Big Show to retain

Show teased the crowd by initially not getting in the ring. He ended up dominating the match. He also yelled at a kid to shut up at ringside. Reigns had the underdog comeback and tried to knock him down with superman punches and finally a spear for the win. He thanks the roaring crowd and says this was the best crowd he has ever faced. 


Biggest pops:

– Almost everyone: Roman Reigns, Dolph, Ryback, Big Show, both the divas, Kane, Bray wyatt and Usos. Even the others got good enough pops and people were just having a good time. Electrifying atmosphere to say the least.

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Apparently the matches on the second day of the our were more physically intense, and people were surprisingly very impressed with the intensity, especially in the Divas match.