Latest News on Bryan & Cena’s Involvement At WWE Crown Jewel

July 16, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Dave Meltzer stated again on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program that WWE continues to advertise John Cena for the upcoming World Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel, even though all indications suggest that Cena is not going to be on the show. An angle is expected to go down on RAW tonight to explain his removal from the tournament and as previously reported, Bobby Lashley is said to be the rumored replacement for Cena.
Daniel Bryan also continues to be advertised for WWE Crown Jewel and Meltzer suggests that it doesn’t appear as if an angle for him will go down on SmackDown and WWE may still be having discussions with him, leaving the decision until shortly before The PPV. Meltzer adds that the situation with Bryan is strange because apart from online reports, everyone from WWE Officials to talent or creative is refusing to either confirm or deny those reports. In fact, they are refusing to make any comment at all to Meltzer, which seems to imply to him that there is definitely something going on.

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