WWE Raw ratings down against big NBA and NHL playoff games

July 13, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

In what shouldn’t be a surprise, Monday’s Raw did the second lowest number of viewers in the modern history of the show, doing 2.49 million going against major competition from the NBA and NHL.

The only episode in modern history to do fewer viewers was in 2016, a show that went head-to-head with the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debate. That episode averaged 2.48 million viewers.

Monday’s Raw went head-to-head with game one of the Stanley Cup finals with the Las Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals, which did 5.20 million viewers on NBC, and game seven of the Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets NBA semifinals, that did 14.81 million viewers.

The reality is that wasn’t bad at all. Raw was fourth for the night on cable, trailing the game and the pre-game and post-game show for the NBA game.

The normal news shows that beat Raw were hurt far worse, as Rachel Maddow fell to 1.53 million viewers , Tucker Carlson to 1.63 million viewers and Hannity to 1.48 million viewers.

The low first hour was a surprise because the NBA game didn’t start until 9 p.m., but much of the regular audience didn’t bother to watch hour number one. The three hours were:

8 p.m. 2.59 million viewers
9 p.m. 2.59 million viewers
10 p.m. 2.30 million viewers

It is possible to break the all-time record low rating for the show which will come out later, which is a 1.75 rating.