Tribute to the Troops Ratings & Viewers

July 13, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation


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WWE Week on USA Network concluded with this year’s “Tribute to the Troops” special drawing about half of the Raw audience.

Troops on Wednesday night, December 23 scored a respectable 1.25 rating.

The show drew 1.802 million viewers.

– In social media, Troops topped Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings among series & specials on Wednesday night.

On a light night for original programming, Troops led the pack with a unique audience of 249,000 (about 1.0 million fewer uniques than Super Smackdown the previous night on USA Network). The draw was good enough to top programming on MTV.

If compared to one-off sports programming, Troops would not have ranked in the Top 5.

WWE Week Progression

– Sunday, Dec. 20: “Santa’s Little Helper” drew 857,000 viewers.

– Monday, Dec. 21: “Slammys” Raw scored a 2.33 rating and averaged 3.377 million viewers.

– Tuesday, Dec. 22: Super Smackdown Live scored a 1.53 rating and drew 2.264 million viewers.

– Wednesday, Dec. 23: Tribute to the Troops scored a 1.25 rating and drew 1.802 million viewers.

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