„Yellow Angels“ on Turkish throne again

July 2, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The third consecutive Turkish league championship in three years – that´s the picture of long-term domination in Turkish League, completed by Fenerbahce Acibadem.




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Fenerbahce is recently the most successful Turkish sports club – currently holding championships not only in men´s and women´s volleyball leagues, but also women´s basketball league and what´s more, is about to gain the Turkish Holy Grail – men´s soccer championship – as well.

But back to women´s finals which no doubt showed amazing volleyball! Fenerbahce Acibadem had season quite similar to their men´s counterparts – the most expensive and stellar team, huge ambitions… and no real success until the League finals. And against them – Vakifbank GSTT, the Champions League winner!

The biggest questionmark for Vakifbank coach Guidetti was opponent´s lineup for each match and set – Fenerbahce team was built for success in Champions League and packed by outstanding foreigners Sokolova, Skowronska, Osmokrovic, Fürst and Rogerio de Souza – too many of them to guess who will actually play and who is going to stay on bench.

In the first match, both teams fought hard and Fenerbahce was luckier in the tiebreak – 3:2. The second finals was definitely easier, as Vakifbank lost their captain and opposite Gözde Kirdar who suffered meniscus injury and had to finish her season.

In the third match played in front of noisy 4,500 crowd, Fenerbahce was already leading 2:0, but improved ball distribution, blocks and strong hand of Vakifbank star Glinka brought the score to 2:2. Amazing match! Fenerbahce seemed to be helpless. In tie-break, Vakifbank was already leading 11:9, but after 11:11, two tricky float serves by substitution player Yagmur Kociygit destroyed their moral and led Fenerbahce to big victory 12:15.

Fenerbahce team, nicknamed Sarı Melekler („Yellow Angels“), thus finished the final series 3:0 and could put on their yellow „victory“ t-shirts with angel wings and raise the Cup. „After such a hard match, I´m especially happy for championship,“ said Fenerbahce coach Ze Roberto.

After such an emotional and strenuous match, even more emotions were awaken – photographs proved that Vakifbank coach Giovanni Guidetti showed his middle finger to furious and vulgar Fenerbahce fans during 2. set.


Fenerbahce – Vakifbank 3:2 (25:14, 15:25, 17:25, 25:22, 16:14)

Fenerbahce: Sokolova 24, Osmokrovic 14, Tokatlioglu 11

Vakifbank: Glinka 25, Nikolic 19, Poljak 13

match report


Vakifbank – Fenerbahce 0:3

21:25, 21:25, 21:25

Fenerbahce: Skowronska 22, Erdem 11

Vakifbank: Glinka 15, Poljak 11, Toksoy 10, Nikolic 10

match report


Vakifbank – Fenerbahce 2:3

(12:25, 20:25, 25:18, 25:19, 12:15)

Fenerbahce: Skowronska 16, Sokolova 15, Erdem 15, Osmokrovic 11

Vakifbank: Glinka 26, Poljak 13, Nikolic 12, Toksoy 10

match report