This statistics exist only in Russia and Italy

July 2, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The head coach of the Russian men´s volleyball national team Zoran Gajic sums up the russian volleyball championship with the aid of unique statistical data.

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Before beginning of the Russian Superleague 2005/06 you emphasized the importance of the creation of the specialized data base, with the aid of which the trainers of national team could operationally obtain and process information about the volleyball players in Superleague. This statistical system already does work?
Yes. After each round the clubs sending their technical records and statistical reports of matches to Moscow. Then in the special studio, given they are summarized and are ordered. As a result I can in any second inquire information for each club and player – not only mathematical computations, but also corresponding videofragmenty. For their survey there is a special room with the large screen.
Can you give concrete example, as you do use this system?
Let us assume I am interested how Taras Khtey in present championship acts on block. I make the appropriate demand into the base – and obtain the statistics of all his blocks, and also record of all games of the season, in which Khtey was carried out this element. As a result it is possible to rapidly estimate not only the effectiveness of player with the blocking, but also to thoroughly dismantle the nuances of his technique. Represent, how long would engage itself this process, if for me it was necessary to examine all matches. But now several minutes are enough. I want to again thank russian volleyball federation for help in the organization of this system. I think, only head coach of Italian volleyball national team has available so comprehensive information on his national championship besides me. But in this country the scientific side of volleyball began to pay considerable attention is even from the middle of the 90th years. We make in this direction only first steps.
What elements of the analysis you pay special attention?
Sometimes it is necessary to investigate the smallest nuances. Although for the rough comparison of players it is enough to examine four basic data: reception, block, attack after reception and attack after defence. The statistics of these elements – this is the relationship of successful and unsuccessful attempts at their performance. The corresponding scales of effectiveness adapt for this.
Are there statistical norms, which must approach any candidate of the national team?
Yes. For example, spiker and libero the percentage of positive reception must be not less than 70, and errors – not more than 10. It is desirable that the blocking defective index would not exceed 30. In the attack the middle blocker must reach 75 percent, spiker – 60, opposite – approximately 55. But attacker has right only to make mistake in 5 cases of 100. Certainly, in the separately undertaken match the indices strongly depend on concrete circumstances.
Who of the players of Russian championship is the best in these statistical "framework"?
Attention is drawn to indices libero of Aleksey Verbov (Lokomotiv Belgorod). On the sums of 17 matches his "positive" reception is 68 percent, erroneous – only 8, and only in two percent of the cases rival earned direct point. This is very decent result. For the comparison, none of the remaining volleyball Superleague players is near to 65 percent of "positive" reception. It means, that assume it is necessary to increase the effectiveness of this actions. First of all, individual work is required for this. Team tactics barely influences the quality of reception.
How are performing our players on the block?
Here is the problem more complexly. Indeed blocking is the team process. It means, for its improvement it is necessary to change the collective philosophy, which depends, first of all, on trainers. If we examine not only central, but all players, who participate in the blocking, I can note the progress of A. Korneev. The percentage of his successful blocks in it is equal to 64 percent, and errors on the block – 32 percent. The 44 percent errors of another Dynamo Moscow player, the opposite S. Poltavskyj appears ugly against this background. I do not longer speak about Pavel Abramov, which "block error" is 47 percent, 26 blocks of 55!
Let us pass to two following basics from four basic elements: attack after reception and attack after defence…
As I already repeatedly said: to Russian players it is necessary to change approach to the defence. Thus far it will not become more serious, measures of effectiveness of attack after reception and attack after defence will as before strongly differ. But in the ideal the difference between them must become minimum. At the present moment in these attacks it is possible to isolate the players, whose teams lead in the Superleague: Sergey Tetyukhin and Aleksandr Kosarev (both Lokomotiv Belgorod) and Dynamo Moscow players Korneev and Poltavskyj. At the same time opposite Lokomotiv Belgorod Sergey Baranov has the catastrophic statistics: only 44 percent of the realization in attacks after reception, and 39 – in attack after defence. Moreover the share of mistakes (hits into aut and into the block) is 20 and 26 percent. Of course this is the inadmissible result.

Translated from russian Sport Express