The Power of Volleyball

July 2, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Sometimes in life we talk only about the good things, about the positive ones. But it seems to me that we – journalists, players, people in general, often forget speak loudly about the problems and about human’s will to get over these problems.

Of course, this article will be related to our beloved sport- volleyball. But I really hope, that thanks to this volleyball example, we all would see our daily lifes in a difficult perspective- and it would give us strenght to continue on fighting about what we REALLY want.


Here we come:

The financial crisis is not something new, I am going to talk about. We all hear about such problems for almost 5 years. We all know stories, connected to the crisis. And somehow, we all got used to the situation.

The crisis met also many sports clubs. One of them is the legendary CSKA of Bulgaria.

VC CSKA is the possessor of 5 European club titles- 3 by the men, and 2 by the women. An achivement to be proud of!The players of the men’s team were the surprise of the CEV Champions Indesit Cup in season 2009/2010. The red ones were the only Bulgarian soldier on the European sports field, as it comes to club championships. It came to the point where the players of CSKA beat ZAKSA 3:0 and were just one step away from the dream of playing in the final.

But after the wins, came the problems.

And here is the part where we could learn something. Because of the wins in previous years, and despite the problems, one man in particular has remained at the club. One of the greatest Bulgarian volleyball specialist- the so called “the man- club”- Aleksander Popov.


Popov was a former volleyball player, who then became a coach of Slavia (Sofia) in 1996-1997. From 1998 till present times he is a coach of CSKA.  The interesting thing here is that he’s already an owner. The past one gave him all the shares, so Popov actually runs everything.Now, he’s the head of the campaign 100 Red Hearts, which head aim is helping for the club.

Despite all the problems, the women won this year the Cup of Bulgaria and the Inner Championship.As for the men, they played final in the Cup of Bulgaria. The interesting part here is that the the club is formed of young boys at the average age of 16-17 years. In his last interview Mr. Popov explained that the men’s part of the club survived this season with ..25 000euro(including the partitipation in CEV’s Challenge Cup). But CSKA is not giving up, they’re searching for ways to fight.


You might ask why am I sharing all this information with you?

The truth is simple.

Life’s a magic journey, but sometimes we all face different problems- sometimes we’re up, and sometimes we’re down. But it really does matter to continue on believing in yourself.

I will be really happy if you, volleycountry readers, find a bit of a strenght when you’re reading this article. Because sport is not only winning trophies, but also sport must give us examples, it must educate us.


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