Piacenza the second finalist of A1

July 2, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Piacenza surprised Macerata in the fifth semifinal game. Therefore the final of the Italian Serie A1 will be battle between the Italian champions from Trentino and Piacenza.



The final that will hand the 64th title will be between Piacenza and Trento. Indeed, Piacenza went through  thanks to a tie-break win in game 5 against Macerata in Ancona. The 5.000 crowd showed great fair play by applauding the winners.

In the first set, Zlatanov and Marshall created the first gap (8-12). Piacenza found its best serve and Bravo was doing well too in attack, while Macerata was not clicking as a team and not having any breakthrough from its stars either. As a result, the guests dominated the first set. The key to a second set that began tight was two blocks from Rak. The Czech middleblocker paved the way to a 2-0 set lead thanks also to his serving. De Giorgi tried a couple of changes with Saraceni and Podrascanin but in vain. Macerata´s determination seemed completely different all of a sudden. Macerata alternated well the game between the middleblockers and the wings and Piacenza was lost. At 12-8, Omrcen went on the serve. That was the end of the set for Piacenza. Then, with the momentum, Macerata obtained a tie-break.

In the decisive fifth set, Lorenzetti?s team did well not to panick and start from scratch. Despite the five consecutive games, despite the previous four sets, Marshall kept producing the goods. Lorenzetti?s last change was Pampel and the German scored the winning ace: 10-15. It will be the first time that the fifth team of the regular season qualifies for the league final.

Matteo Martino (Lube Banca Marche Macerata): “My teammates did what they could while I am disappointed with my own performance. We stood there waiting in the first two sets, and that was a terrible mistake”.

Marco Meoni (Copra Nordmeccanica Piacenza): “It has been a very long series and now we are facing again the strongest team. They started out very tense and our serve did some damage from the beginning. We couldn´t be pretentious as to think we could close the game easily in three sets. We didn´t think so and now we can celebrate our qualification for the next Champions League too”.

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