A terrible injury of Sebastian Swiderski

July 2, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Six round of PlusLiga finished in the shadow of terrible accident in Rzeszow. “Twisted knee and damage of thigh muscle” – this was the diagnosis that Kazimierz Pietrzyk, president of the club, gave to media.



The match between Asseco Resovia and Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle was announced as the hit. The meeting began with a 4-0 leading of guests, but the hosts quickly run up the distance. In the first set, the whole Poland has witnessed the fatal misfortune of the popular “Swider”. The player fell unfortunate after he was trying to attack and landed on the floor screaming. Everyone is terrified, and then the fans started to support Swiderski. Doctors immediately drove him to the hospital. It turned out that the operation is necessary and the player will not show up on the court for at least four months. This information is more tragic that Sebastian has recently returned after a terrible Achilles tendon injury, and by heroic efforts, he was able to play again.
The team was shocked after this accident, and that allowed rivals to catch and win the first set after a long battle (26:24). The second set of the match also was the victory of the hosts. Zaksa made a lot of mistakes and it gave Resovia bigger leading. This set was shorter and Resovia won it 25:21.
In the third set, everything changed. Beganning from a series of fantastic services of Jakub Jarosz (he had six aces in whole meeting!), Good defense of Piotr Gacek and reliable duo Zagumny and Czarnowski (who had 80% of the effective attack), Zaksa won 25:12 and the match was continued. After another part we saw an exciting tie break in which both teams made mistakes, but finally the hosts won the match 3-2 and gained two points. MVP was Aleh Akhrem, who scored 19 points for his team.

Another three points for Wielun. Players of the team met with Fart Kielce and the new team defeated 1:3. MVP was Serhiy Kapelus. The match was tough for both teams, and the results of particular sets was close. It was fight between teams from the bottom of the table – their task is to to survive in the league. The meeting of the similar category was between AZS Warszawa and AZS Olsztyn. In a previous article we mentioned the difficult situation of Olsztyn. A place on the head coach Mariusz Sordyl is also uncertain. On the other hand, players of Warszawa can be happy for next 3 points and they pretty good form in these days. Besides first part, next sets were short and the match ended in three sets.

Also Skra Belchatow quickly defeated his rival, Delecta Bydgoszcz. The band of Waldemar Wspanialy is performing poorly in this part of the season, so Polish champions had no trouble with the victory in the sixth round. However Belchatow has reason to worry because their captain, Mariusz Wlazly, suffered a contusion. In the match against Delecta Jakub Novotny replaced Wlazly and he even got the MVP title. Delecta Bydgoszcz has more and more difficult situation, because they are still loosing points. But there are no signs that the owners of the club intend to make any changes.

AZS Czestochowa unexpectedly defeated Jastrzebski Wegiel, which previously won over favored Zaksa. Great performance of Wojciech Gradowski (who did not started a match in the start six and he was MVP), the experience of David Murek and good game of a young setter Fabian Drzyzga decided the victory and three more points in the ranking after six round.

There is no time to rest and prepare. Next round starts on Saturday!