Trentino Diatec crashed out of the Champions League!

June 22, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

The Club World Champion and one of the major candidate to win the 2013 CEV Champions League, Trentino Diatec, has been eliminated already in the first playoffs phase. The Italians outclassed Dinamo Moscow 3-0 in the regular match, however, they were obligated to play the “golden set’’ due to losing the first game last week (2-3). The decisive set fell prey to Dinamo Moscow. All tonight unexpected results can be questioned if the ‘’golden set’’ rule is fair indeed.

Trentino Diatec – Dinamo Moscow 3 – 0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-12)

GOLDEN SET: Trentino Diatec 12 – 15 Dinamo Moscow

Trentino: Raphael 1, Juantorena 16, Birarelli 7, Stokr 14, Kaziyski 12, Tzourits 5, Bari (L), Colaci (L) and Lanza 1

Dinamo: Grankin 3, Markin 4, Shcherbinin 4, Kruglov 11, Kurek 5, Krivets 3, Bragin (L) and Bezurkov, Nikitin, Shchadlilov 1, Kharitinov 1


More than 3’000 supporters were in attendance and they somehow could attend two different matches on Wednesday evening there at PalaTrento. The club world champions captained by Matey Kaziyski first dominated the scene going for a speedy and comfortable 3:0 standing out with their blocks (9 in total) and also from the serving line (6 aces). The home heroes were continuously cheered by their home fans as they got back on track after their 2-3 defeat last week in Moscow.


Golden SET:

Trentino realized the first part of the plan for promotion to the next round, however, the more difficult one (to win the golden set) still remained not to come up. The golden set was started by Trento and Moscow just as well (2-2). After that, the players of Radostin Stoychev was not able to receive the serve by Krivets and defend Kruglov’s strong spikes, as the result, Dinamo achieved a relevant advantage (2-5). Trentino did not give up. Kaziyski scored one point in attack but Pavel Kruglov answered in the same way. Then, the ex captain of Bulgarian national team failed in spiking and Dinamo gained four points lead (3-7). Trentino even overcame the loss by a block of Raphael (5-7) but Kruglov sill was unattainable and he end up another spike (5-8). after the change of sides, Trentino scored two points in a row and lost only one point to Dinamo (7-8), moreover, Osmany Juantorena had got a ball in play to align the score but was blocked by Bartosz Kurek. Among Italians, just Jan Stokr did his offensive tasks successfully and he decreased the Moscow’s lead (8-9).


The club world champions did not take advantage to level once again, because Raphael Vieira made a junior mistake during passing the ball on the other side after fantastic defense of Juantorena (8-10). Dinamo controlled the game. Kruglov made a mistake to the serve, but then, Krivets pointed in the middle of the net and Bartosz Kurek ‘sent’ a powerful serve to Trentno’s side. Raphael completed a block being in the second line (9-12). Kurek missed the serve and Kruglov succeed in spiking (10-13). Jan Stokr was trying to turn the tide of the match, but he was not enough. On the other hand, Pavel Kruglov was unstoppable and the provided the match ball for the Russian team (11-14). Mitar Tzourits did an efficient middle – attack, however, Dinamo still had the match ball. Despite great serve of Stokr, Dinamo manage to receive and set up an action finished by Alexander Markin (12-15). Dinamo could have celebrated while Trentino plunged into despair.  


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