J. Weber: Technique Will Always Overcome Power

June 22, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

Players will evolve in their technique because always but always the technique will overcome the power,” says famous Argentinian volleyball coach Javier Weber in our exclusive interview. 

You played as one of the few players in the world 5 world championships and 613 games for Argentine national team. How could you manage it? What is your advice to young volleyball players?
It was a true honor for me to represent my country and play for such a long time in the national team. Dedication, perseverance, enjoy, and every day gave my 100 %.
Volleyball is the most beautiful sport in the world, playing it with passion and joy and having fun is the most important. Volleyball leaves you friends for life and there is nothing more beautiful than living dreams with friends

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I personally played in Argentina, the league is good with many technical players, good organisation and smart coaches. Bolivar is no. 1 team men club. What is your philosophy in the club? Bring the best players or let grow your own young players?
My philosophy is to assemble the best possible team and for this you need a mix between experienced and young players with a future. Bolivar is a super professional team, and every year we try to win all the championships we play and for that it is very important that everyone thinks that the team is the most important thing.

Argentina won last U23 men world championship. Also, in past years, you were very successful with your youth teams. Why is that? Is it because of the system of your work or just a coincidence?
Argentina has a very successful system of work in youth for a long time, a very important technical work is done at the training by the players but above all, every young person plays between 60 to 70 games every year. Also, in our national league many young people, who have first level experience from an early age, are playing.

You will showcase at World Volleyball Coaches Show your knowledge about side out and defense. Why did you decide to speak about these topics?
Excellent question! First of all, in Argentina and especially in our national league, the defense is the main part and it is trained a lot and really plays the one who is good at defense.Our deficiencies in height and power are compensated by the defense and other fundamentals, like side out. I have a Brazilian school and for that reason, and for my past as a setter, the side out is fundamental in modern volleyball. I consider the side out not only the first ball but also the second or the third ball in side out are essential if we can create opportunities in the first ball for the second or third one to close the point.

Volleyball is evolving, requires more power, better technique, more data. Where do you think that volleyball will be in 10 years?
I believe that the technique will be fundamental and more and more players will be tall and strong but that they will evolve in their technique because always but always the technique will overcome the power.