Parking Lot Becomes Water Ski Course During Brick Flood (Videos)

May 14, 2020 0 By JohnValbyNation

BRICK, NJ — The flooding that caused significant problems for many residents in Brick on Monday also created an opportunity for fun for one group of Brick residents.

The flooding from the North Branch of the Metedeconk River and the Beaver Dam Creek put several inches of water in the empty parking lot at the Pathmark shopping center between Routes 88 and 70, which is mostly empty these days because both Pathmark and the Kmart at the shopping center have closed

So Scott Mcavay, George Worthington, Jeff Stephens and Scott’s wife Nancy Abjornson decided to have some fun. They hooked up a tow rope to the back of Mccavay’s pickup truck and Mcavay hopped on a wakeboard and took a ride.

You can see it in the videos below. One video is from the truck, while a second one was captured by a woman who happened to see them from a distance.

Here’s another view from someone who captured their antics from a distance:

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Updated to correct that Mcavay was riding a wakeboard behind the truck.

Photo by Jeff Stephens, published wth permission

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