#Metoo Without Borders: Who Protects Freelance Female Artistes Working At Odd Places & Hours?

November 29, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Long before #MeToo became a massively viral hashtag, strong enough to disturb the ‘set ways’ of the workplace – particularly in the entertainment world that has always professed creativity and freedom – we had Chandigarh DJ, Varnika Kundu’s stalking incident that made it to our news feeds and papers.

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However, as is the power structure of society and the relevance given to the lives of ‘celebrities’ over the ‘lesser’ known, the story on Kundu remained largely to her life and not people like her.

In India, women’s safety always comes with a giant question mark attached. On innumerable occasions, we have learnt through whispers about disturbing harassment cases, especially in the workplace.