After A Deity’s Dream, Two Uttarakhand Villages Give Up Eating Meat & Animal Sacrifice

November 28, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

More than 350 residents of two villages in Chamoli have decided to give up eating meat for a year after a local deity ordained them to do so. They have also decided to stop the ritual of animal sacrifice, an old practice in the area.

Villages of Bampa and Farkiya in Niti valley in Uttarakhand have decided to follow the order of the deity after a dream. Villagers the decision was taken after a Bhagwat Katha held recently.

Bachan Singh Pal, a resident of Bampa village, told The Times of India, “We had organised Bhagvat Katha in these villages and it ended on June 28. After the rituals were over, the oracle said that we should not kill any animal throughout the year. The deities prohibit consumption of meat and animal sacrifice in villages where Bhagvat Katha is organised. We have to stick to the decision or face wrath.”Click Here: liverpool mens jersey