Vandoorne unfazed by McLaren young driver curse

November 25, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Rookie Stoffel Vandoorne says he isn’t focused on the poor track record in the past associated with young drivers joining McLaren.

In the recent years, both Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen were hailed as outstanding talents by McLaren, only for both drivers to disappoint and leave the Woking-based outfit after a single year.

Given McLaren-Honda’s current woes, some believe Vandoorne’s burgeoning career could also be nipped in the bud, but the Belgian is undeterred.

“For me it is still a very exciting time to join McLaren-Honda, even though the results are maybe not where we want them to be,” Vandoorne told

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“I think every young driver would say ‘yes’ in an instant if McLaren-Honda phone you up and ask you to drive one of their cars.

“I am very proud to be part of this team and I am looking forward to having a great future together.”

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While initially hoping for a better outlook, Vandoorne is resolute on keeping his head down and dealing with his 2017 challenge one step at a time.

“I will approach this season the same as I have approached any other series I was racing in. This has usually worked out pretty well, as I have won a lot of championships in the past.

“I will have to work very hard together with the team and make sure that I am consistent. Every time I hit the track I have to perform.

“When I feel that I have done that at the end of the season, and have not done any stupid mistakes as well as showed progress, then I can be happy on a personal side.”

Still, the 24-year-old is missing spending time in the winner’s circle. Hopes of gaining access to that limited circle this season are remote obviously, but SVD believes the it will make his next big win all the better.

“Every driver is competitive and all of us want to fight for victories and that is the very reason why I am in motor racing. Of course I love racing cars, I love the competition and, of course, I love the victories.

“Having to work for something, and eventually getting there sooner rather than later, then the day we are winning again the victory will taste even sweeter.”

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