Magnussen’s driving called into question… again.

November 23, 2019 0 By JohnValbyNation

Kevin Magnussen was once again lambasted by one of his colleagues, with Sergio Perez claiming the Dane played ‘dirty’ yesterday at Spa during practice.

The Force India driver attempted to pass Magnussen driver on the downhill run after the Turn 8 ‘Bruxelles’ hairpin, only for the Haas driver to move to the left and force his rival to slow. 

“Magnussen is so dirty, always”, quipped Perez over the team’s radio before later raising the issue at the drivers’ briefing. 

“He knew I was there because had just overtook me,” the Mexican told

“I don’t know what he was angry about but I just don’t think it’s the way to react. We’ve seen Kevin has reacted that way a couple of times already. 

“It’s not good, the speeds we are doing you can cause a very bad incident.

“That’s why I wanted to raise a point. Hopefully Charlie [Whiting] keeps it in his mind because tomorrow there could be an accident and it may be too late.”

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Magnussen denied the move was in any way deliberate. 

“I didn’t know he was trying to get back again, as he’d just let me past,” he explained.

“So I started warming up my tyres and he was close, but I hadn’t seen him. It was not intentional.”

In Hungary, Magnussen found himself on the receiving of Nico Hulkenberg’s ire following on on-track spat in the race between the two men.

When the drivers later crossed paths in the media pen, Hulkenberg told Magnussen he was “once again the most unsporting driver.”

A remark which led to the Dane’s now infamous “Suck my balls, honey.”

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